Mein Kind vom Mars (2007)

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Mein Kind vom Mars: Directed by Menno Meyjes. With John Cusack, Bobby Coleman, Amanda Peet, Sophie Okonedo. A science-fiction writer, recently widowed, considers whether to adopt a hyper-imaginative 6-year-old abandoned and socially rejected boy who says he’s really from Mars.

“I work in a cinema so Iu0026#39;m in the perfect job not to miss any film releases including minor ones like this film. I call this film a u0026quot;minoru0026quot; release because it was not advertised much, just a trailer here and there but itu0026#39;s the type of film that make me happy to work at a cinema otherwise i would have miss out on this little treasure of a film. The story is simple , a lonely widower, also a sci-fi best selling author , adopt a child who lives in a world of his own were he convinced himself that heu0026#39;s a Martian who was sent to earth to study the human race. The childu0026#39;s rather strange, he hates the sun and doesnu0026#39;t smile often. At first the writer heu0026#39;s not sure if heu0026#39;s up to the task to bring up a child with such big issues but little by little he realized that he was the perfect match for the boy. In a world were we have countless film about fart jokes and people getting tortured to death , I found u0026quot;Martian Childu0026quot; to be a breath of fresh air. Itu0026#39;s a sweet film without being corny. The acting is great all around.John Cusack his wonderful as always but its the young Bobby Coleman who plays Dennis the young boy whou0026#39;s the real star of this film he is great but also likable and god knows how this sort of character could have turned out in the wrong child actoru0026#39;s hands. Joan Cusack bring much of the comic moments in this film and itu0026#39;s nice to see her with her real life brother , I love that woman , she always add something to any film sheu0026#39;s in. The most interesting aspect of this film is seeing the character of Dennis progression throughout the film , from a troubled boy to a happy kid , it was really well done. Somme people might found this film u0026quot;overly sentimentalu0026quot; but I believe itu0026#39;s because we live in a cynical world and a film like Martian child stand out more in a time when we are not used to see a film that doesnu0026#39;t show violence or gross out humor. The main purpose of the film is to introduced us to two character , make us love them and see them grow together and it does a more then decent job at that. I would recommend this film to anyone who has enough of a open mind to accept a film that just wants to grab hold of our heart for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I think this film is a nice little gem and I donu0026#39;t care about all the critics that found it just too sentimental.For the full duration of the film I was interested by the characters and at the end I was happy for them and thats all I ask for a film , that the character are involving.”


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