Hibiki: Shôsetsuka ni naru hôhô (2018)

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Hibiki: Shôsetsuka ni naru hôhô: Directed by Shô Tsukikawa. With Yurina Hirate, Mizuki Itagaki, Keiko Kitagawa, Kazushige Komatsu. Hibiki is a precocious 15-year-old with a penchant for writing. She enters her novel to literary magazine Mokuren for nomination, but it does not satisfy conditions for their Rookie of the Year award, so it is tossed, until Editor Fumi Hanai discovers it.

“Hibiki isnu0026#39;t the classic school movie with the girls fighting about who will get the pretty boy. Here, the girls fight about who will become an author. The leading lady, a girl who is the complete oposite of her friend, has an odd way of seeing the world around her. She has zero sense of danger and she ofter uses that to her advantage to scare off the people around her and get her way. It was clear that the girl was hiding more than a bully in her. However, the movie needed some more time to explore her personality and the reason why she was like that. The story is kind of simple, and yet a bit complecated. Overall, it was enjoyable, especially because of the performances.”


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