WWE Survivor Series (TV Special 2019)

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WWE Survivor Series: Directed by Kevin Dunn. With Shayna Andrea Baszler, Rebecca Quin, Pamela Martinez, Brock Lesnar. Superstars from Raw, Smackdown and NXT fight each other for brand superiority.

“Smack down u0026amp; Raw for the first time will be joined by NXT for survivor series. Kickoff the night the women of each franchise three team of five enter this triple threat match. Can be hard to keep the action flowing sometimes with three. There was odd time you could have said that in the match would have worked better with two in the ring. Overall the action was fast the moves where strong. Energy stayed high with some amazing combinations and team work a first class match and story. Maybe one of the greatest entrances in wrestling is Shinsuke Nakamura why someone feels he needs Sami Zayn dancing 🕺 around in front of him. I will never understand just takes away from him. Roderick strong NXT andAj styles not that it was a bad match, But compared with the A lister Nakamura Aj put together at Wrestlemania 34 stealing the mania this is just average for these guys. NXT title next a good match that seemed more appreciated by the fans in the stadium. Daniel Bryan universal title challenge to the fiend . Atmosphere becomes silent the room goes red as the fiend makes his spectacular entrance Good match not great . 5 on 5 on 5 menu0026#39;s survivor series match a very good match magic moments the bout was probably best in reverse the most predictable and weakest part in the last few minutes definitely worth watching thou . Becky Lynch weak promo kind of pointless placement. Followed by very good footage from the build up to Brock v mysterio family . (No holds barred ) 15 years fighting each other some great matches along the way. Three champions bayley smack down Shayna Baszler NXT Becky Lynch RAW In the Good main Event . For me the survivor series matches were the best of the night and should be the main event of a program called survivor series.”


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