Butterfly Room – Vom Bösen besessen (2012)

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Butterfly Room – Vom Bösen besessen: Directed by Jonathan Zarantonello. With Barbara Steele, Ray Wise, Erica Leerhsen, Heather Langenkamp. A reclusive and butterfly-obsessed elderly lady suffering from bipolar disorder develops a disturbing relationship with a mysterious but seemingly innocent youngster.

“u0026quot;The Butterfly Roomu0026quot; is a curiosity for the extraordinary casting it features of actresses from famous horror movies. Thereu0026#39;s Heather Langenkamp, from u0026quot;Nightmare of Elm Stu0026quot;, Adrienne King from u0026quot;Friday the 13thu0026quot;, P.J. Soles from u0026quot;Halloweenu0026quot;, Camille Keaton from u0026quot;I Spit on Your Graveu0026quot;. But of course, the real star of the show is Barbara Steele, who is famous for her roles in gothic horror films such as Mario Bavau0026#39;s u0026quot;Black Sundayu0026quot;.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOther than that, it doesnu0026#39;t have much going for it. The story is undercut by liberal flashbacks that donu0026#39;t really add a whole lot, and a plot that is pretty badly told besides.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI kept watching basically for Steeleu0026#39;s performance. Here, in her mid-seventies, she is still a magnetic performer.”


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