Somefarwhere (2011)

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Somefarwhere: Directed by Everett Lewis. With Bryce Blais, Khaled Haider, Dale Dymkoski, Eyad Khalili. Price (Bryce Blais)goes to a Middle East country on a pretext of being a tourist. However his real purpose is to find his best friend/lover Bo (Drew Boylan) who suddenly disappeared without a trace. In a country where homosexual acts alone can get you beheaded, can Price find Bo without revealing his true purpose? What is Price willing to pay and do in order to find Bo? And then there is Marwan (Khaled Haider) a taxi driver/tourist guide for Price and Combs (Dale Dymkoski) a detective. What secrets do these two men hold, helping Price find Bo? In the end, can Price handle the truth regarding the true reason of Bo’s disappearance?

“Price (Bryce Blais, with his great abs) goes to the gulf states, as someone says, looking for his u0026quot;friendu0026quot;. boyfriend Bo is in the military, but has gone missing. Khaled Haider is Priceu0026#39;s tour guide, who may or may not have answers to questions that Price has not yet asked. Sadly, no locations are listed on imdb… so many beautiful places. Too bad we donu0026#39;t know where they were filmed. Dale Dymkoski is u0026quot;Combsu0026quot;, who pops up now and then, but for most of the film, weu0026#39;re not sure what his role is. heu0026#39;s a little too jovial, always cracking wise-ass jokes to communicate. Liberal use of sound effects.. in the background, we continually hear chopper noises and air force jets flying past. The story is good, but itu0026#39;s pretty lightweight, as we skip over any real deep detail. some cheesy lines, and some plot holes, but itu0026#39;s entertaining. and the fact that homosexuality is illegal here adds an element of danger. Bryce Blais spends much of the film shirtless, so thatu0026#39;s interesting. Written and directed by Everett Lewis, who also did Pretty Boys, Luster and Skin and Bone, all ( good!) LGBT films. Lewis used some of the same cast here for Pretty Boys. Good stuff!”


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