Distant Constellation (2017)

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Distant Constellation: Directed by Shevaun Mizrahi. With Ízzet Cemak Alpokay, Roger Dumas, Halit Horoz, Ismail Keles. A Tarkovskian dream-like landscape, featuring the inhabitants of a Turkish retirement home where pranksters, artists and old casanovas seduce us to confront the true nature of time.

“I saw this film at its final screening at Locarno this year, and this film deserves every bit of praise that it has received. Itu0026#39;s a masterfully-executed documentary that forces one to contemplate our societal conception of aging through Mizrahiu0026#39;s excellent direction. Every interview feels appropriate, the editing is tight knit, and Mizrahiu0026#39;s choices of shots all feel right. The parallels created between the subjects and the construction going on outside the home creates an atmosphere that feels like a dream. At the same time, no single subject seems to overstay their welcome and Mizrahi knows just the right times to cut away to something else to keep the narrative moving. The film is full of life and serves as a well-conceived commentary on (and simultaneous celebration of) aging and Turkish culture.”


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