Plötzlich Papa (2016)

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Plötzlich Papa: Directed by Hugo Gélin. With Omar Sy, Clémence Poésy, Antoine Bertrand, Ashley Walters. A bachelor enjoys his sweet life on the French Riviera until a one-night stand tells him, he’s dad to Gloria and leaves her with him. He moves to London with Gloria. Mom turns up 8 years later.

“Better than I thought it would be! I think that Omar Sy is one of the funniest and talented actors of France. Especially in Untouchable heu0026#39;s got a certain type of humor. In this flick he plays a father. At first I thought it would be a kids film only. But itu0026#39;s just an emotional film for everyone. Of course itu0026#39;s not a genius film but if you want to see a good rainy Sunday afternoon movie this is just for you 🙂 The problem of this movie is the storytelling, first everything is good and then it gets worse and worse. Thereu0026#39;s also too less communication between the main characters. But the acting is good, also Gloria is really well played, Iu0026#39;d like to see her in other films too 🙂 Good acting, a lot of emotions, 6 out of 10 stars.”


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