Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge (2014)

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Tekken: Kazuya’s Revenge: Directed by Wych Kaosayananda. With Kane Kosugi, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Rade Serbedzija, Gary Daniels. Suffering from amnesia, a young man trying to discover his true identity is kidnapped by an underground crime organization and turned into a ruthless assassin.

“This movie was terrible. It was like they made a movie and at the last minute decided to put Tekken characters in. The acting is shocking. Some of the martial arts is good but there is ZERO story and too many scenes are repeated in slow motion. Fans of TEKKEN should stay right away as this is NOT a TEKKEN movie! Very disappointing! I wish I could have the last two hours of my life back. If I had spent the last 2hrs in a room full of spiders and snakes I would have had a better time. I am giving this movie 1 star. There are no real TEKKEN characters in the movie and I would have had a better time watching paint dry. Please stay away from this movie if not for the cheap sex scene at least for the fake dialogue.”


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