Männer für jeden Job (1985)

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Männer für jeden Job: Directed by Ken Finkleman. With Judge Reinhold, Lori-Nan Engler, Eddie Albert, Merritt Butrick. Lazy, womanizing Jack gets employed at the NYC HQ of the multinational conglomerate, INC. Crazy chaos, promotions, firings, suicides etc. seem to be the way of the day.

“I agree with most of the previous reviews, but Iu0026#39;d like to emphasize that not only is the first half of this movie great, its as funny and ahead of its time as it gets. An absolute classic and contains some of its actorsu0026#39; best work. Rick Moranis is one of the comic geniuses of his generation and his brief scenes are worth the entire experience alone. Iu0026#39;ve quoted his big line in appropriate situations (unfortunately to no appreciation / recognition) more than any other movie joke. This is the only feature film where heu0026#39;s as funny as in his best moments from SCTV and SNL. Eddie Albertu0026#39;s very first scene and punch line is one of the greatest satirical jokes ever written of this genre. Michael Ou0026#39;Donoghueu0026#39;s deadpan performance is chillingly convincing, etc, etc. Yes, there is the obligatory Judge Rhienhold u0026quot;voice of sanityu0026quot; character whou0026#39;s storyline gradually sinks the movie into formulaic banality (and I subtract just one point for that), but the first half of this thing is an absolute must-see for any satirical comedy fan. Iu0026#39;ll go further – this movie, at its best, is the most underrated American comedy ever. Period.”


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