Artifact (2012)

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Artifact: Directed by Jared Leto. With Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevic, Irving Azoff. Telling harsh truths about the modern music business, this riveting and award-winning documentary gives intimate access to singer/actor Jared Leto (“Requiem for a Dream,” “Dallas Buyers Club”) and his band Thirty Seconds to Mars as they fight a relentless lawsuit with record label Virgin/EMI and write songs for their album “This Is War.” Opening up his life for the camera during months of excruciating pressures, Leto reveals the struggles his band must face over questions of art, money and integrity.

“I was in attendance for the first showing of Artifact at the Toronto Film Festival.I went with my son who is a huge 30 Seconds To Mars fan whereas I didnu0026#39;t really know them. The film accurately shows the struggle that many artists have in the music business.It follows the band 30 Seconds to Mars in a real life documentary which starts as a film about the making of their album into all out war with EMI.It allows the audience to see deep into the music business and will u0026#39;shocku0026#39; all who see how corrupt things can be. It was deeply moving to see the effect this had on the artists. I have rated it 10/10 as it was excellent in every way. The only negative is the constant strong language which is understandable due to the stress they were under but would make it unsuitable for children. I voted for it at the TIFF and was really pleased it won the peoples choice. They deserved it. Well done boys.”


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