Und Savannah lächelt (1982)

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Und Savannah lächelt: Directed by Pierre De Moro. With Mark Miller, Donovan Scott, Bridgette Andersen, Chris Robinson. Savannah is the only child of a wealthy politician, Richard Driscoll, who is more concerned with his image and career than with his family.

“I ran across this at the video store and I hadnu0026#39;t seen it for almost 15 years. It is still just as heartwarming and loveable as it was when I was young. The little girl is so sweet itu0026#39;s hard not to fall in love with her, like the robbers eventually did. Iu0026#39;m going to search to add a copy of this to my library, but until I do, at least Iu0026#39;ll know that life is perfect when Savannah smiles.”


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