A December Bride (TV Movie 2016)

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A December Bride: Directed by David Winning. With Jessica Lowndes, Daniel Lissing, Jay Hindle, Pauline Egan. A holiday wedding brings no joy to the bride’s cousin, who was literally left by the groom right at the altar. But she might find her true love there when she gains a fake fiancé in the process.

“Hallmark youu0026#39;ve created a true fan in me with this movie. Iu0026#39;ve been watching the movies on Hallmark since Thanksgiving and I can honestly say December Bride is the most awesome movie by far. Iu0026#39;ve been a great fan of Jessica Lowndes since 90210 and love her singing. Never seen nor known of Daniel Lissing but I fully approve for him to be Jessicau0026#39;s leading man all the time. I saw commercials of his other show and I can honestly say again little house-old ancient times are long gone. I have no interest to watch him there. BUT I will continue to watch him with Jessica in this movie and any more movies, etc with Hallmark. ONE THING I really was missing and I can tell most women in love was missing in this movie: MORE KISSING!. Kissing in the sleigh, kissing with the gingerbread, ah just kissing everywhere in this movie. What can I say, Iu0026#39;m a romantic at heart. Jessica and Daniel had made kissing an art watching them is true love kissing with a blast. So sweet Hallmark I wish you to show the true love with Jessica and Daniel in more movies showing them with more kisses and hugs, come on Hallmark aka Love channel come on show the True Love. Trust me these actors will show it to perfection. The story-line is cute in this movie but I was mostly watching and re-watching the hand holding, the kissing, the laughs, the smiles, the facial in both actors so true and so real totally awesome people. Tell me they have to be best friends or something for real. They really flow well together. Awesome Lovely Sweet so REAL CHEMISTRY. Daniel and Jessica Coupling A+. Also both of them sing in real life, why didnu0026#39;t you have them sing in the movie?? aka use all their additional talents. Love Jessicau0026#39;s silent night song, thank you for having that on your site. After watching it now on the telly I will scope them again on DVR so that way I can fast forward for only Layla and Seth aka Jessica and Danielu0026#39;s part. Seriously please por favor more kissing and closeness in touching next time theyu0026#39;re seen together. Conclusion: Most supreme bright scene ever in this movie is the: Engagement to Wedding Scene. Bravo Jessica youu0026#39;re gorgeous and with Daniel by your side complete EYE CANDY COUPLE. Much Appreciated.”


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