Lassie kehrt zurück (2005)

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Lassie kehrt zurück: Directed by Charles Sturridge. With Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch, Peter Dinklage. A family in financial crisis is forced to sell Lassie, their beloved dog. Hundreds of miles away from her true family, Lassie escapes and sets out on a journey home.

“This is one of my favorite seasons of the series, and I am a long time fan since the beginning. Other than My Struggle III, which is oddly shot and edited, the rest is the episodes are great! Including this final episode. Not sure why all the hate. Itu0026#39;s like many of you just wanted to hate it and didnu0026#39;t see some of the creativity and ingenuity of the stand alone. And now we wonu0026#39;t get another season.”


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