The Pardon (2013)

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The Pardon: Directed by Tom Anton. With Jaime King, Jason Lewis, John Hawkes, Leigh Whannell. With all the picturesque glamour of the 1940s, “The Pardon” recounts the unlikely true story of Toni Jo Henry. A grisly murder leads to a series of sensational trials in which she pleads her innocence; she was executed in Louisiana, 1942.

“The Pardon brings you, the viewer, front and center into the middle of the real-life story of Toni Jo Henry and the murder trial that ensues. Performances from actors John Hawkes, Jaime King and T.J. Thyne are gripping and evoke deep emotional connections with each character. While the subject of childhood abuse introduces us into the unveiling storyline, a more compelling bond of strength, friendship and resilience personifies the true heart of this film!The movie footage captures some amazing scenes, both in mood and context, while the close-ups of Jaime King give us a true u0026quot;looku0026quot; into the heart and soul of Toni Jo. A refreshing view into some perhaps forgotten pages of history. A remarkably well written and poignant movie you will not want to miss! Exceptional.”


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