Delivery Boys (1985)

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Delivery Boys: Directed by Ken Handler. With Josh Marcano, Tom Sierchio, Jim Soriero, Nelson Vasquez. A gang of boys under the Brooklyn Bridge are united by their common interest in break dancing. Some work as pizza delivery boys, hence they call themselves the “Delivery Boys”. They form a dance team and enter a local break dance contest, sponsored by a woman’s panty manufacturer. A rival gang’s sponsor intimidates their employer into thinking she must keep the boys working so they won’t be harmed. She gives the boys some “specialized” deliveries to make them late for the contest. The antics and calamities abound as the boys wrestle with her work assignments and getting to the contest on time.

“The show is super adorable! Have we seen it before? yes. But, what havenu0026#39;t we seen before? Georgia is hilarious and how can you hate anything with Scott Porter in it? The ONLY reason people hate it is because Taylor Swift made ONE comment about it. Unfortunately when youu0026#39;re famous your life Is in the open. Grow up and ignore one comment. The show is about inclusion and the characters are adorable.”


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