New Year's Kiss (TV Movie 2019)

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New Year’s Kiss: Directed by David Langlois. With Erin Karpluk, Robin Dunne, Karis Cameron, Aurelio DiNunzio. After suffering a devastating break-up the same night as Kelly Hartwick, a rock-star creative director, receives an advertising award, she swears off dating in order to focus on a major Christmas ad campaign. A kind, homeless man, somewhat similar to Santa, tries to set Kelly on the path to true happiness while her best friend tries a different approach to happiness – on line dating.

“I watched it because I liked the show, u0026quot;Being Erica,u0026quot; and I will watch anything with Erin Karpluk. Iu0026#39;ve seen enough Hallmark Christmas movies to know what I was getting, and there was nothing special here. It was like a low budget Hallmark movie… a very low budget Hallmark movie. Very, very, very low…..nThe low budget look – bad lighting, poor green screens, etc… didnu0026#39;t really bother me. What did bother me was the non-stop generic Christmas music playing non-stop through the whole movie. If anyone reading this is involved with making low budget movies, NEVER have a nonstop generic music soundtrack playing the whole time. All other shortcomings can be overlooked, but the music was distracting and terrible.nAnyway, it was about what I expected – pretty cheesy – but I got to see Erin Karpluk so I was happy.”


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