Boku wa asu, kinou no kimi to dêto suru (2016)

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Boku wa asu, kinou no kimi to dêto suru: Directed by Takahiro Miki. With Sôta Fukushi, Nana Komatsu, Masahiro Higashide, Yûki Yamada. On the way to his university in Kyoto, a 20 y.o. man falls in love with a woman on the train. He tells her. They start dating. She has a supernatural secret.

“Stumbled upon this movie tonight. Ohhhhh God all these years i thought i was so tough. never cried like this in my life before. Guess weu0026#39;ll meet again. and i will date yesterdayu0026#39;s you xoxoxoxoxxx”


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