"Screen Two" The Firm (TV Episode 1989)

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The Firm: Directed by Alan Clarke. With Gary Oldman, Lesley Manville, Phil Davis, Andrew Wilde. This is the story of rival “Firms” of football supporters, and how one man has a wish to team them up for the European Championships of 1988. However, when this is discussed, the opposing leaders are not happy, as they believe this is a challenge to their authority. This Film shows how football violence has progressed from pure violence to a form of organized crime, to the extent that all the leaders know each others home phone / mobile phone numbers.

“Alan Clarke has cemented his reputation as a gritty realist director through three successful films. These are u0026quot; Scum u0026quot;, u0026quot; Made in Britain u0026quot; and u0026quot; The Firm u0026quot;. These are his most memorable as they were the launch pads for three of Britainu0026#39;s greatest actors. Ray Winestone as Carlin in u0026quot; Scum u0026quot;, Tim Roth as Trevor in u0026quot; Made in Britain u0026quot; u0026amp; Gary Oldman as Bex in u0026quot; The Firm u0026quot;. All these films have one thing in common. They do not let up for anything or anyone when it comes to Violence, Racism and anti-social beliefs.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e The Firm centers around the I.C.C (Inner City Crew) firm and their leader and top boy Bex. Bex is a well to do estate agent who has a nice motor, a lovely home and wife and child. Bexu0026#39;s position is firmly established in their first meeting with two other rival firms. Bex has an vision of a united firm to go to the German European Cup and it is he that should lead it. However he must deal with the leaders of the other firms before he can lead an united front abroad. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e We see the I.C.C travel to rival turf and stake their claim but this is not before a disaster happens. The world of Football thuggery is dealt with carefully by showing us Bex as a man that craves the buzz that he is top boy. He is not content with being the leader of his own firm he wants more and more. It appears he has everything else a good job, car and a loving wife however as his obsession with being the over all top boy that we are introduced to the cracks that are appearing in his marriage due to his violent past time.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e This film is excellent in itu0026#39;s character portrayal and it does show a very different Gary Oldman character. Bex at the out set comes across as a typical nice bloke who works hard and has a good sense of humor but at the end of the film you are weary that you would never cross him due to his ferocious temper. There is one great scene when Bexu0026#39;s wife confronts him and asks when is he going to give up this lifestyle and he replies u0026quot; I need the Buzz u0026quot;. What can I say this really does sum up the whole idea of grown males going around knocking seven shades out of one another. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003en My only complaint is that the film was not longer. My reasons for watching this film is because of the new films that are being made about football violence (The Football Factory, The Yank)I wanted to see a film that was made during the time that football violence was in itu0026#39;s prime in Great Britain and Europe. I was also thrilled that there was no mention of any football teams as it showed exactly what these thugs enjoyed doing and that is slapping people. This point is observed by one of Bexu0026#39;s crew at a meeting. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e If it is ever on the T.V. watch it, or buy the D.V.D it will not disappoint.”


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