Snitch – Ein riskanter Deal (2013)

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Snitch – Ein riskanter Deal: Directed by Ric Roman Waugh. With Dwayne Johnson, Barry Pepper, Jon Bernthal, Susan Sarandon. A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son, who was imprisoned after being set up in a drug deal.

“I went into this film alone, on a lazy Saturday to get my mind off things. I wasnu0026#39;t expecting much, but I didnu0026#39;t want it to be a waste of 11 bucks. Knowing the market of action/thriller blockbusters, I guess I was expecting cars blowing up, gun fights all through the movie, and some crazy, somewhat unrealistic hand to hand combat by our huge friend Dwayne Johnson. I was expecting youu0026#39;re average, predictable u0026quot;normal citizen suddenly becomes Jason Bourneu0026quot; type action packed movie. If youu0026#39;re expecting that, and ONLY that, you will be somewhat disappointed. Lucky for me, I am a huge film buff and am open to sitting through any movie of any type and I just look for something entertaining, and this movie did not disappoint in that regard. The first hour and a half of it can legitimately be classified as more of a suspense-drama than a thriller. The screenplay wasnu0026#39;t anything amazing, but I do think Dwayne Johnson might have thrown himself in the eye of some producers and directors who write him off as no talent. His acting made the movie as believable as it was, and along with some of the supporting characters, and gritty suspenseful situations, this film found a way to intrigue me more than I thought it would have. The quote at the end of the film spoke volumes as to what the message of the movie was, and I think it was very well put together. If youu0026#39;re going to see this movie solely for action/entertainment value, then you might not be so happy with your investment, but if you want a well rounded, legitimate movie to go when youu0026#39;re bored or with a friend, I would recommend Snitch.”


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