…und sie spielten mit dem Leben (1992)

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…und sie spielten mit dem Leben: Directed by Mike Binder. With Josh Charles, Jason Gedrick, Stephen Baldwin, Cheryl Pollak. The adventures of three teenage friends in 1970s Detroit.

“I remember watching this movie in English class, during my senior year of high school with great fondness. I sat next to my best friend and we loved every moment of this movie. As I sit here and think about it now, I realize that our appreciation for this film had probably very little to do with the fundamentals of good movie-making (ex: acting, direction, musical score), but can instead be attributed to the fact that it displays friendship in one of its purest forms. The film is an illustrated test of loyalty, and what being friends as an adolescent is all about. It made me appreciate my best friend that much more, and in the end, I left class feeling a little bit better about being a kid.”


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