The Landlord (TV Movie 2017)

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The Landlord: Directed by Daniel Ringey. With Ted McGinley, Molly McCook, Jack Turner, Amy Arburn. Alyssa moves into a luxury apartment complex but is unaware she is being watched by her disturbed landlord, Robert, via hidden cameras. Robert will do anything to fill the void left by his estranged daughter–even if that means replacing her.

“I have just re-watched this and upgraded my rating of it to 7/10. u0026#39;The Landlordu0026#39; AKA u0026#39;Fatherly Obsessionu0026#39; tells of Alyssa who is continually stalked by phone despite the fact that she keeps changing her cell number. She is a stand up comic who can handle hecklers but understandably she is nervous of the unseen menace in her life. Older man Robert gives her access to an apartment which he guarantees will be a safe place for her to stay. Initially Alyssa is a bit disturbed by Robertu0026#39;s special interest in her until he claims that she reminds him of his daughter. She accepts that and despite being warned of Robertu0026#39;s past life she feels comfortable with the fatherly protectiveness that her landlord is offering. Good portrayals of these two characters by Molly McCook and Ted McGinley. I was fascinated by the surveillance devices which are a big part of the plot. Every character is snoopy including Alyssa towards the end. Thereu0026#39;s quite a bit going on economically fitted into the running time so you shouldnu0026#39;t get bored. I recommend this as one of the better TV movie thrillers.”


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