Das Himmelfahrtskommando (2006)

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Das Himmelfahrtskommando: Directed by Colin Teague. With Laurence Fox, Louis Dempsey, Lucy Gaskell, Coral Beed. Different factions in WWII-era Holland race to find a stash of Nazi gold.

“Jim Morrison wrote many of the Doors songs and was a complete drunk by the time he died in 1971. This film depicts Morrison in a very one sided view. Yes he was an alcoholic with a disregard for authority, yes he was on self destruct mode and burnt out quickly reaffirming the James Dean u0026quot;Live fast Die youngu0026quot; motif. But what is missing from Stoneu0026#39;s depiction of him was his great intellect,his absurd humour and his natural talent as a composer and vocalist. However it is a wonderfully visual film that takes the viewers on a hallucinogenic ride through drug hazed Los Angeles in the late 60u0026#39;s. It was the first of many films that Stone created in the 90u0026#39;s using an almost dream like quality to evoke the feeling of the turbulent times.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAlthough this picture is not a 100% accurate account of who or what Jim Morrison was it is still very engaging and enjoyable. A good place for someone who is new to the Doors to start.”


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