Streets of London – Kidulthood (2006)

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Streets of London – Kidulthood: Directed by Menhaj Huda. With Aml Ameen, Red Madrell, Noel Clarke, Adam Deacon. A day in the life of a group of troubled 15-year-olds growing up in west London.

“As a black girl living in London, I saw how this film portrayed real life. In the scenes at the beginning, in the school, I could relate fully to the events. People may not think that it truly represents black people, or schools in London, I beg to differ. You obviously have not been in a bad enough school. The language used in the film, the slang, is a part of life now. I look at schools on the telly and wish that I do not have to call everyone u0026#39;bludu0026#39;. If I do not, I will get beaten up for u0026#39;trying to be whiteu0026#39;. Kidulthood was a fantastic film, showing, yes, a different way of life, but a true representation of it. It was actually quite unnerving at how similar life is for my community to that of the film.”


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