Badass Monster Killer (2015)

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Badass Monster Killer: Directed by Darin Wood. With Jawara Duncan, Amelia Belle, Ryan Cicak, Stephanie Hyden. On the trashy side of Camaroville, there’s a mob turf war going down, but the new gang in town ain’t content with merely controlling the local dope and sex trade. They are also mixed up with dangerous black magic, intent on resurrecting hideous demon-gods who have waited centuries for the chance to eat all our souls and enslave mankind! These blasphemous bad guys need stopping, and Jimmy Chevelle, agent of The Department of Supernatural Security, is just the cat to do the stopping. He hasn’t let the man keep him down, and he’s certainly not going to let some sinister shape-shifting suckas destroy the earth, and all of its foxy, foxy chicks, if HE can help it. But can he stop the gangster cult’s evil plans in time? Get ready for a freaky, funky thrill ride with demonic pimps, kung fu super foxes and terrible sanity-shattering extraterrestrial horrors from beyond space and time!

“The bimbo is a great episode featuring some great characters pairings, it is always hilarious to see the banter between holt and Jake. Although itu0026#39;s common, the terry, Amy and Rosa grouping was a hilarious B story that didnu0026#39;t take away from the main story. The shining stars in this episode were Marc Even Jackson and Andre Braugher. Always great, always funny”


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