Vision Portraits (2019)

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Vision Portraits: Directed by Rodney Evans. With John Dugdale, Rodney Evans, Kayla Hamilton, Ryan Knighton. An in-depth exploration of the creative paths of blind and visually impaired artists including a photographer, dancer, writer and filmmaker..

“MONA LISA SMILE ***1/2 Itu0026#39;s fall 1953, and Kathryn Watson (Julia Roberts) is starting her first year at Wellesley College for ladies as an Art History professor. We see Kathryn trying to inspire her students to expand their opinions on what makes women helpful and beneficial to society. And by the end of the film we see that some of Kathrynu0026#39;s students are impacted by her teaching. Though the story seems adamant in keeping its condescending tone until the very final act, resulting in a picture that may not be as likable as it strives to be, I still enjoyed the storyu0026#39;s dynamic characters and their confrontations, its outcome, and the fact that the players decided to do take on different kind of roles for themselves.”


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