Die Rache der Camorra (1974)

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Die Rache der Camorra: Directed by Pasquale Squitieri. With Claudia Cardinale, Franco Nero, Fabio Testi, Lina Polito. In this period piece set in Italy, Nicola Bellizzi dreams of becoming a lawyer. However, when he seeks the reason that people are reluctant to help him in his goals, he discovers that some of his blood relations are high-ranking members of the Mafia. He tries to break away from his family obligations, but falls into a life of crime and violence.

“I saw this movie back in 1976 in my country Cuba , i love the movie very much back then it was a very graphic and political oriented movie, Claudia Cardinale look sexy as ever she play the wife of el guappi Fabio Testi sexy as ever too and Franco Nero a very handsome Italian superstar and the lover of Vanesa Redgrave play the lawyer who is trying to save young people from jail and he is killed by one of then, i am a fan of Claudia Cardinale i had see many of her movies the ones that she did with Monica Vitti my favorite Italian movie star , the one with B.B. and the 3 directed by Visconti i really love her she became a good actress in time i am not crazy with her voice but her beauty overcome all of that, in this movie she is abused by her crazy husband but they look hot together my god Fabio Testi was the sexy man alive back then i love him very much”


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