Gangland – Cops unter Beschuß (1997)

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Gangland – Cops unter Beschuß: Directed by Jim Kouf. With Jim Belushi, Tupac Shakur, Lela Rochon, Dennis Quaid. After murdering an undercover DEA agent, two corrupt cops scramble to cover up what they’ve done.

“Gang Related had a great premise, which was enough to get me to want to see it. James Belushi (K-9, Race the Sun) and the late Tupac Shakur (Gridlocked, Poetic Justice) play two corrupt cops. They sell stolen drugs, kill the guy they sold it to, take the drugs u0026amp; money, and label the crime as gang related. This has worked for the first ten times, but the 11th doesnu0026#39;t. The 11th guy they killed, turned out to be an undercover cop. So the two are put in charge of finding the killer. So knowing that they themselves killed him and could be in huge trouble, they begin to look for possible candidates to take the fall. Eventually they decide on a homeless man, wonderfully played by an unrecognizable Dennis Quaid (Switchback, Dragonheart). They then get Belushiu0026#39;s girlfriend and stripper, Lela Rochon (Waiting to Exhale, The Chamber) to testify against him. Soon though things donu0026#39;t work out as Rochon starts to lose confidence and more evidence comes out about the mysterious homeless man. Belushi and Shakur start to lose their trust and confidence with each other. This is a well-written film with some great dialogue and an awesome ending. James Belushi is great as the mastermind behind the plot and the one who wonu0026#39;t give up. Tupac Shakur is just as good (in his final role) as the partner who has at least some sort of a conscience. Rochon is good. Fine support work is turned in by James Earl Jones and David Paymer as Quaidu0026#39;s lawyers. I highly recommend this movie. Rated R: (violence, language, nudity)”


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