Virgil – Voll verliebt! (2002)

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Virgil – Voll verliebt!: Directed by Donald L. Gold. With Jay Michael Ferguson, Allison Lange, Michael Bower, Danica McKellar. Bumbling high school geek Virgil Heitmeyer has yet to lose his virginity. A golden opportunity for finally getting deflowered arises after Virgil manages to get closer to the beautiful and popular Kellie Guthrie. Will Virgil’s date with Kellie go smoothly? Or is Virgil going to blow his big chance to score with the girl of his dreams?

“Luckily I was someone who caught this movie on Crackle instead of paying for it which was one of the only pros of this.. to stay nice… lackluster teenage comedy coming from what people call u0026quot;The Golden- Age of Gross out Teenage Comedyu0026quot;, films like American Pie, Saving Silverman, Road Trip, among others. The idea of the title actually makes sense when looking at the premise, as most of the ideas that they come with to get laid are thought up and so like the title insane. The acting is pretty poor and the writing is dreadful. It seems as though they write the characters to be u0026quot;the fat one who eats cause he is fat hahau0026quot; instead of what American Pie did and put u0026quot;The jock with a good pleasant heartu0026quot; or u0026quot;The good nerd who just wants to get laidu0026quot;, sure they still werenu0026#39;t u0026quot;stellaru0026quot; character traits but they sure had a bit of effort put into them. The ending was… bad. I am not going to spoil it but it was shocking, but really awful. It seemed as though they thought that their ending was too over the top so they decided to try again, and still failed. If you can watch this for free by legal means then I recommend watching it just as a showcase on how to NOT do a teen comedy. Otherwise Skip skip skip skip skip!”


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