Der Mann Ihrer Träume (1991)

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Der Mann Ihrer Träume: Directed by Terry Hughes. With Demi Moore, Jeff Daniels, George Dzundza, Mary Steenburgen. A clairvoyant impulsively marries a butcher, moves to New York City and has a positive impact on the people she meets, changing their futures…which in turn changes hers.

“This movie is a sweet fantasy with a good message about life, love and destiny. I usually skip movies with medically-oriented protagonists but the fantasy/psychic elements more than make up for the fact that Jeff Daniels plays a psychiatrist. Demi Moore is lovely, though the blonde hair is not. She would have been better with her natural look. Molly Steenbergen is great. I like the way regular people are touched by magic. Less stereotypical than a lot of other romantic comedies. Some people might be distracted by Demiu0026#39;s Mooreu0026#39;s accent but I thought it worked well. The movie deals with psychics in a normal manner for a change. Unlike so much of TV and movies now, I really liked most of the characters and believed they were good people.”


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