Rauchende Pistolen (1950)

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Rauchende Pistolen: Directed by R.G. Springsteen. With Vaughn Monroe, Ella Raines, Walter Brennan, Ward Bond. Notorious stagecoach robber Rhiannon is unintentionally appointed as deputy when he saves the sheriff’s life and must wear two hats between his new job that he enjoys and his old occupation that he misses.

“Pay attention, this series explores some very subtle story lines. I was extremely impressed when they introduced the bicameral mind concept when considering consciousness. That is one of the more important concepts when considering the origins of consciousness. I hope they explore this idea in greater detail and especially its implications related to physics. It is rare indeed to have a fictional work undertake such a complex topic without trivializing it. I definitely have to compliment the writers for undertaking such a complex topic and I hope they continue to explore the implications.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAgain, IMDb thinks I should add additional lines to my review which is ridiculous. I have offered a clear and concise review and they want an arbitrary number of lines, what kind of idiot makes this a requirement?”


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