Die xue gu cheng (2010)

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Die xue gu cheng: Directed by Dong Shen. With Ray Lui, Ady An, Wenkang Yuan, Mengwei Xie. Set in 1943, late in the WWII period in China. A brave KMT army division is stationed in Changde city, a strategic garrison in Northwest Hunan province. They fight the invading Japanese army violently to protect the city.

“World War II action dramas about Chinese people bravely suffering under the brutality of Japanese soldiers are regular fare in mainland Chinese cinema. They serve to sell popcorn and promote a particular nationalist agenda. While Death and Glory in Change serves both those purposes adequately, if you are expecting a straight propaganda piece you may be disappointed. While hints of nationalism are not hard to find, this movie is more about the story of the Chinese soldiers who bravely defended the city and less about characterizing the Japanese as demon invaders. The action is well produced and the characters are somewhat compelling, even if one-dimensional. For those hoping for a history lesson, this movie does appear to stick to the basic facts, but is clearly not meant to educate the audience about the complexities of the situation. The Nationalist army attempted to defend the city from Japanese invaders and few survived. This movie does go into a little more detail, but it simply isnu0026#39;t the film-makersu0026#39; intention to delve deep into the story.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eDeath and Glory in Changde is about action, which it does well, and emotion, which it does less well. If you are totally unfamiliar with this part of history then youu0026#39;ll probably learn a thing or two and be mildly entertained for an hour and a half.”


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