Könige der Welt (2017)

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Könige der Welt: Directed by Timo Großpietsch, Christian von Brockhausen. With Maze Exler, Michael Borwitzky, Ole Fries, Markus Krieg. We Were Kings is a documentary about the legendary German grunge band Union Youth. 15 years ago they made it from the province to L.A., and then failed in the most brutal way. Now attempting a comeback as the band “Pictures” with some new members, they face their demons in order to make music once again. A gripping musical drama about drug addiction, responsibility and the power of friendship.

“Iu0026#39;ve always loved Anime, and itu0026#39;s always been frustrating watching Hollywood movies destroy it (Ghost in the shell). Alita however did an amazing job in fusing Hollywood and Anime. I believe it was a great story adaptation by James Cameron, breathtaking action scenes and directing by Rodriguez, and great casting. I saw this in 4DX 3D in Seoul and It was a roller coaster ride. I was afraid the movie might put me to sleep, but it kept me engaged and watching from beginning to end. I think the most important element for movies should be the ability to engage the audience and never let them go until the very end. This movie delivers. And also I am very proud of Director Rodriguez for taking on this enormous task. He put a lot on the line to make this film.nAn interesting thing I found was for some reason I felt there were elements of John Carpenter here.nOverall one of the best 3D films made so far. I believe the bar has been pushed higher for all filmmakers. A must watch in 3D exerpience!”


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