The Suburbans – The Beat Goes On (1999)

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The Suburbans – The Beat Goes On: Directed by Donal Lardner Ward. With Donal Lardner Ward, Tony Guma, Craig Bierko, Will Ferrell. A 1980s one-hit wonder band named “The Suburbans” reform for a special performance at one of the ex-member’s wedding. At the wedding, a young record company talent scout happens to be in the audience and decides to give the now forty-ish performers a comeback push. The film attempts to take a satirical look at the music business of the 1990s, and compare it to the simpler 1980s scene.

“Four guys Danny (Donal Lardner Ward), Rory (Tony Guma), Mitch (Craig Bierko), and Gil (Will Ferrell) are 30something friends who were once a big 80u0026#39;s one-hit band called The Suburbans. When they perform at Gilu0026#39;s wedding to help Mitch with a hot fan, a record company scout (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in the audience gets them a comeback show for their nostalgia showcase.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eDonal Lardner Ward wrote/directed/star in this movie. Quite frankly, I donu0026#39;t know how he got so many then and future stars in this one movie. Ben Stiller and his dad try to ham it up as record studio suits. Will Ferrell is channeling an idiot bass player. However Will canu0026#39;t save this. The fact is the band doesnu0026#39;t have the comedic chops. Craig Bierko is fitting for the lead singer jerk. But the two writers Donal Lardner Ward and Tony Guma should not be lead actors. They really need to search for better comedians to do those roles. The writing is broadly unfunny, and the performances are generally flat.”


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