Vampire Hookers (1978)

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Vampire Hookers: Directed by Cirio H. Santiago. With John Carradine, Bruce Fairbairn, Trey Wilson, Karen Stride. Carradine is an aged vampire who has a bevy of vampiric beauties who lure many of their customers back to his lair. A pair of virile young Navy sailors get mixed up in their shenanigans.

“Seasons 1 and 2 are both great. Season 1 was fresh and spent a lot of time in world building and developing the characters and their arc. And Sir Anthony Hopkins always is a delight. But I also enjoyed season 2 as they travel to the promised land. It nicely concludes the story and was action packed. I give both season 1 and 2 an 8.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBut season 3 totally lost me. If some of the original cast was not in season 3 I would have given up but I hung on as youu0026#39;re invested in these characters. Unfortunately the story was weak and the villain silly and itu0026#39;s hard to follow the story. The pacing is off and the conclusion didnu0026#39;t pay off. There were many scenes where it just drags and tonally itu0026#39;s off that I had to fast forward the slow bits or I would have tuned out. Really the story nicely concluded in season 2 and thereu0026#39;s no story left to tell so theyu0026#39;re trying to keep this going but there just isnu0026#39;t much plot or character arc. Canu0026#39;t see how they can sustain this into more seasons The hosts have already gotten their happily ever after in the promised land at the end of season 2. Season 3 is watchable for some cool action scenes but lower your expectations and fast forward slow scenes so you donu0026#39;t fall asleep.”


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