Head Over Spurs in Love (2011)

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Head Over Spurs in Love: Directed by Ana Zins. With Daniel Bonjour, Leena Huff, Jesse Johnson, Jen Lilley. On Christmas weekend in a quaint Texas hotel, Joe Bingham runs into the love of his life, Amy Walker, the one that got away; she’s home for the holidays. The kick is, it’s on the eve of Joe’s white-winter-wedding nuptials to Daisy Spur–he’s settling for the girl next door. Joe has one night to find out if there’s any chance at all that he can reunite with Amy.

“Itu0026#39;s sad to see a woman writer and director wasting their time on such drivel. The film is totally unbelievable (and unfunny) right from the beginning and goes downhill from there. I couldnu0026#39;t take more than ten minutes. It wasnu0026#39;t the acting or the direction, which was fine; it was the script. I especially like the casting of a child as a manipulative u0026quot;bitch.u0026quot; Congratulations. Not only do we get to see girls sexualized at a ridiculously young age, but now we get to see them depicted as selfish bitch-women as well. A couple of misogynists couldnu0026#39;t have made a film with worse depictions of women. Take some some gender studies classes before you make your next film!”


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