Crown Vic (2019)

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Crown Vic: Directed by Joel Souza. With Thomas Jane, Bridget Moynahan, David Krumholtz, Scottie Thompson. Follows one memorable night in the life of LAPD officer Ray Mandel while hunting two cop killers on the loose.

“Didnu0026#39;t expect much but really enjoyed this. Its more all about people and really there is little action for a police film.nIt tells the story of a new copu0026#39;s first night shift on the job with a senior officer whose first day it is as a training officer. The story develops and there is more to it than just a night shift.nApart from a little bit in the middle, the film keeps your attention. Most of the action you see from or around the Crown Vic. Some of the action happens off camera as it happens away from the Crown Vic. You also see the arrest and then they are back on patrol.nIt is very well acted and written. There are some things didnu0026#39;t like. There is 10min in the middle where it gets very dull. I am not sure the timeline works. I do not know about US police but donu0026#39;t they have to book in prisoners and process them? The timeline seemed to have them arrest, take the prisoner back, book them in, process them and back in the car in minutes. The ending is also very arupt.nApart from this it is a good character driven film. There is little action so I wouldnu0026#39;t watch it expecting an action cop film.”


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