World Traveler (2001)

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World Traveler: Directed by Bart Freundlich. With Billy Crudup, Francie Swift, Nicolas Suresky, David Keith. After hitting the road a man encounters characters that make him realize the importance of family.

“I really enjoyed this entire movie. It is not fast paced, but that is appropriate for the story line. People who think it plods along may need more action, but that is their issue. It is not formulaic, not a flickering screen every 5 seconds. Good acting by all actors — especially leading man Billy Crudup as the man who thinks he can walk away, and supporting actress Julianne Moore as a delusional woman who claims to be escaping from her husband. This is a tough story about a man struggling to handle being a responsible adult, who makes some terrible choices while searching for answers. I believe the character finds out there are no easy answers and nothing will help him fully understand u0026quot;why.u0026quot; I think this movie speaks about the many people who at times feel like lost souls, trying to figure out how they ended up where they are and wondering what would it be like to just leave it all behind. Turns out you canu0026#39;t really leave it all behind because your past life follows you and haunts you wherever you go. I recommend it.”


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