Meine Geisha (1962)

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Meine Geisha: Directed by Jack Cardiff. With Shirley MacLaine, Yves Montand, Edward G. Robinson, Robert Cummings. An actress disguises herself as a geisha in order to land the lead role in her director husband’s film version of ‘Madam Butterfly’.

“Shirley MacLaine is such fun to watch. She dives into her character body and soul. She leads you on and you follow her. It would be foolish not to. We donu0026#39;t question anything because weu0026#39;re in love with her. This movie is a real rarity.I suspect that Steve Parker, Shirleyu0026#39;s husband then and producer of u0026quot;My Geishau0026quot; actually directed this. He chose Jack Cardiff as the director, the great Cardiff one of the top cinematographers of all time — See u0026quot;Black Narcisusu0026quot; for instance — But, as we all know, a cinematographer is used to work with directors, cinematographers must be artists with a very different kind of ego. What a spectacular way for Steve Parker to direct his movie by proxy. Better plan, impossible. The film is a comedy slash morality tale with a stunning Cardiff like look and a delicious performance by MacLaine. Yves Montand plays her husband. His English is tentative at best but he is unquestionably charming in a clumsy written part. Edward G Robinson is another plus. His characteru0026#39;s delight is utterly contagious. Many of my contemporaries are to jaded to enjoy this film, but Iu0026#39;ve tried it on kids and it works, let me tell you, they love it. Not to mention my parents. So there you are, I guarantee youu0026#39;ll love u0026quot;My Geishau0026quot; if youu0026#39;re young, if youu0026#39;re old or if youu0026#39;re me.”


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