Hotel Colonial – Das Dschungelhaus ohne Gesetz (1987)

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Hotel Colonial – Das Dschungelhaus ohne Gesetz: Directed by Cinzia Th. Torrini. With John Savage, Rachel Ward, Massimo Troisi, Robert Duvall. Marco Venieri receives word that his brother Luca, an ex-terrorist turned state’s evidence, has killed himself in Columbia. Marco takes the journey to Columbia only to find a country permeated with poverty, corruption, racism and crime.

“I think everyone involved with this film used it as a means to get a paid vacation out of the producers. My favorite thing about this film is Robert Duvallu0026#39;s wig-which looks like it is sewn together out of a paint brush (Sonny Crockettu0026#39;s dad meets Sherwin Williams).”


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