Linas kvällsbok (2007)

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Linas kvällsbok: Directed by Hella Joof. With Mylaine Hedreul, Rickard Roxvall, Viktor Axelsson, Alice Kastrup-Möller. Lina, a girl in her early teens discovers herself and the people around her.

“When i first read the story i was sure that this movie would be just like other teen movies which have the same theme IE love and sex. .but when i saw this movie i realized i was wrong. .this movie has more than meets the eye. .apart from love n sex it shows us the value of friendship n how you think that its socially disgraceful to date a younger guy.. This movie also awakens the youth of the implications of unprotected sex.. I think the main attraction of this movie is the contrasting characters and all the actors have done a great job.. Its surely a treat for all the teenagers and also for all the romance lovers . .”


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