Sun Dogs (2017)

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Sun Dogs: Directed by Jennifer Morrison. With Melissa Benoist, Jennifer Morrison, Allison Janney, J.R. Ramirez. Ned is a kid who wants to be in the marines however, he has a disability which prevents him. Bob Garrity, his step dad is stuck in. Lawsuit and can’t do anything physical.

“A very sweet film made with much affection and that continuously transmits good feelings in a genuine and spontaneous way, well only for this it deserves to be seen, films like this, small, independent and made with the heart should be rewarded with at least one vision on your part.nOf course it is not a perfect film, in fact it has several problems regarding the rhythm a bit u0026#39;too slow, not that this is wrong but it proves inadequate with the type of story and especially with the kind of approach that the director chooses to give, for this reason the film has some difficulties to involve the spectator; It also focuses too much on certain topics that should only be in passing and ends up not knowing how to get out of it and in this way it deepens too little other that could have meant a leap in quality for the film, instead they are quickly considered in the final part which looks a little hasty and less exciting than it could have been, which prevents the film from releasing its great potential.nIt could have been better but, despite these problems, the film still manages to enter the heart of the viewer for at least an hour and a half thanks mainly to real and credible characters, well interpreted and linked to each other by such honest and human relationships to be pillar and strong point of the whole film.nNoteworthy is also the technical sector to say the least dignified given the small size of the product, in which stands out the hot photography very well taken care of.”


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