Someone Great (2019)

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Someone Great: Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. With Gina Rodriguez, LaKeith Stanfield, Brittany Snow, DeWanda Wise. After a devastating break up on the eve of her cross-country move, Jenny enjoys one last NYC adventure with her two best pals. Someone Great is a romantic comedy about love, loss, growth and the everlasting bond of female friendship.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Someone Great from start to finish. This movie really captures the emotional turmoil of both break-ups and transitioning from 20u0026#39;s to 30u0026#39;s.nThe chemistry between the actors, both romantically linked and platonic, was excellent. I was emotionally invested in the cornerstone relationship and keenly felt the highs and lows in their romance revisited through flashbacks. I was actually very impressed with how seamless the flashbacks felt. It was true to life, as far as when you see or hear something that brings a memory to mind.nI felt Jennyu0026#39;s crippling sadness at the end of an era: her 20u0026#39;s in NYC, her comfortable proximity to her oldest friends, and the recent end of her long-term relationship. Her present is so comfortable and the future so uncertain. Her friends drop everything to be with her. They felt fully realized as characters and not just plot devices to help Jennyu0026#39;s story along. Even small side characters were really fleshed out.nI laughed, I cried, I experienced a large portion of the emotional spectrum.nThis movie is one of the best Iu0026#39;ve seen in the vein of romance, in a very long time. It was a love letter to anyone who has had to face major life changes and struggled to cope. I really enjoyed it and it will probably be a movie I revisit regularly.”


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