Verraten (1988)

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Verraten: Directed by Costa-Gavras. With Debra Winger, Tom Berenger, John Heard, Betsy Blair. An FBI agent posing as a combine driver becomes romantically involved with a Midwest farmer who lives a double life as a white supremacist.

“Federal agent Debra Winger goes undercover in rural Texas as a combine operator, infiltrating a group of down-home guys and their families in the hopes of linking them to white supremacy and the murder of a shock-talk radio host. Winger is romanced by the groupu0026#39;s ringleader (Tom Berenger), and very quickly seems to cross many lines that arenu0026#39;t covered in the FBI traineeu0026#39;s manual. Berenger takes Winger to a KKK camp-out, to a human hunt (with a black man as the target) and to a bank robbery (to finance their cause), yet Debrau0026#39;s superiors actually request that she get more probing evidence! An exasperating movie, with facetious, halting dialogue leaving whole sequences feeling half-finished–and Wingeru0026#39;s character without much personality. Director Costa-Gavras seems intent on underplaying this whole matter, to the point where even shocking moments come off as muted, matter-of-fact occurrences. **1/2 from ****”


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