Die Schlacht um den Planet der Affen (1973)

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Die Schlacht um den Planet der Affen: Directed by J. Lee Thompson. With Roddy McDowall, Claude Akins, Natalie Trundy, Severn Darden. Ten years after a worldwide series of ape revolutions and a brutal nuclear war among humans, Caesar must protect survivors of both species from an insidious human cult and a militant ape faction alike.

“This final installment in the series may be a bit corny, but it sure as hell does provide us with some action. Humans and apes are again at war, and as a result a lot of stuff explodes, thatu0026#39;s pretty much the summary. The usual philosophic remarks are thrown in, but they just work up to the battle the title promised. The action scenes are pretty chaotic but still look good, especially the scene early in the movie where they enter the forbidden zone/undergrond parking lot works out well. By this time the actors knew what they were making and seemed to be loving it, Claude Akins hams it up like crazy. His portrayal of man-hating general Aldo has one dimension, and that dimension is really built to last. We meet Aldo and heu0026#39;s angry, we see him again later and heu0026#39;s angry, and then finally heu0026#39;s well what do you know, angry. His best scene comes near the ending though, youu0026#39;ll know it when you see it. You can say a lot of negative things about this movie, but boring it ainu0026#39;t.”


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