La antena (2007)

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La antena: Directed by Esteban Sapir. With Valeria Bertuccelli, Alejandro Urdapilleta, Julieta Cardinali, Rafael Ferro. This near-silent black and white film from Argentina tells the story of a city that has lost its voice, stolen by Mr. TV, and the attempts of a small family to win the voice back. Similar in design to early German expressionist films.

“Stunning! One of the most visually fascinating films. Itu0026#39;s almost like Georges Méliès took a time machine to the 70u0026#39;s, dropped acid, stole a Stanley Kubrick script, and channeled Spielberg, Burton, and Wes Anderson into this dream like un-reality.nThe cinematography and editing are mastered in the perfect sense of cinema, paying great homage to filmmakers of the 20u0026#39;s and 30u0026#39;s.nThe production design, costumes, and the use of the dialogue subtitles are extremely creative and visually relevant to the story, and the practical effects complete the surreal dream world.nBut what really holds this movie together, like a comforting blanket during a weird dream, is the score. Complementing every shot, action, emotion, and visual cue.nVisual storytelling at its finest!”


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