Stranded (2014)

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Stranded: Directed by David DeCoteau. With William McNamara, Eric Roberts, Tom Berenger, Ashley Hayes. While taking a stand against one of the West’s greatest legends, Elizabeth Cooley will discover that justice comes in many forms.

“u0026quot;A judge can only go by the facts in hand and then he must use his best judgment.u0026quot; In 1882 after the shootout at the OK Corral the Clanton gang was not happy with the Earpu0026#39;s or Doc Holliday. Soon after the gunfight Morgan Earp was shot and killed but because of lack of witnesses the killer was never convicted and is free. Not a group to rest Wyatt Earp and his friend Doc Holliday have been canvasing the Tuscon area looking for the killer. Joseph (Voitila) and Elizabeth (Hayes) Cooley are staying at a logging camp when a wounded person shows up at their door. They attempt to help him but when Doc Holliday shows up things begin to change and no one knows who is in the right. There really isnu0026#39;t too much to say about this movie. This is yet another nearly unwatchable cheesy western with awful acting. The main star in this is Tom Berenger. He plays a judge that really has nothing to with the story other then to explain what is going on in a voice over. It may be because I think Tombstone is one of the best movies of all time and itu0026#39;s hard not to compare anybodyu0026#39;s portrayal of Doc Holliday to Val Kilmer but this guy was bad. He was only in it for a few minutes though so that helped. This is nothing but a bad western that was really a struggle to get through. Overall, a movie that was really hard to watch and not laugh at. I give this a C-.”


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