Shades of Ray (2008)

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Shades of Ray: Directed by Jaffar Mahmood. With Zachary Levi, Fran Kranz, Sarah Shahi, Bonnie Somerville. Ray’s half Pakistani and half white. When his parents’ marriage dissolves, Ray’s perspective of Ms. Right falls deeply into question.

“Jaffar has succeeded in producing a movie,that touches the hearts of almost every immigrant in this great nationu0026#39;s melting pot.I brought my wife(who is American)and my son and daughter.Both told me after,they couldnu0026#39;t believe how they could relate so closely to the characters.Very funny,and sweet.I am so excited for Jaffar,and Zach,who I think is just sprouting.He has great talent.And Brian George,my goodness!What immigrant father cannot relate to THAT character!! Loved it,Loved it. Rayu0026#39;s roommate did seem to have a lovable character.The interesting thing is that people were actually clapping at many parts.It seemed that we were being led into our own experiences.And it could have been a story about any ethnicity. I saw the movie at itu0026#39;s premiere in NYC to a sold out audience,and again,I canu0026#39;t remember laughing so hard in a long time.”


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