A Light Beneath Their Feet (2015)

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A Light Beneath Their Feet: Directed by Valerie Weiss. With Taryn Manning, Maddie Hasson, Madison Davenport, Carter Jenkins. A high school senior must choose between enrolling at the college of her dreams and remaining at home to take care of her bipolar mother.

“u0026quot;A Light Beneath Their Feetu0026quot; (2015 release; 90 min.) brings the story of a mother and daughter. As the movie opens we see the daughter Beth doing dishes, while her mom Gloria is taking prescription medication of some sort. Pretty quickly we get the idea that something is really u0026quot;offu0026quot; with mom (probably bi-polar), which pushes Beth, a senior in high school, in the unusual position of having to care for her mom, rather than the other way around, In the meantime, Beth, already accepted at Northwestern (her momu0026#39;s school of choice because itu0026#39;s nearby) and also at UCLA (Bethu0026#39;s school of choice because it u0026#39;s far away and the weather is perfect) needs to decide what to do. On top of all that, Beth has developed a small crush on a boy. At this point weu0026#39;re 15 minutes into the movie, but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, youu0026#39;ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eCouple of comments: this movie is directed by up-and-coming director Valerie Weiss. Here she brings a tough topic, namely how a mother and daughter must tackle life when mom needs help. u0026quot;You know canu0026#39;t take care of myselfu0026quot; Mom tells Beth early on. Can you imagine having to deal with that as a 17 or 18 yr. old? The movie is helped immensely by the lead performers, Taryn Manning as the mom and Madison Davenport as the daughter. Weiss paces the movie nicely and before you know it, the movie has flashed by. There are tons of great songs throughout the movie, many of them of the female indie-rock variety.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI never heard about this movie until I saw it at my local library the other day. So I basically took a flyer on this, and Iu0026#39;m glad I did. Nothing earth0shattering, but simply a nice u0026#39;littleu0026#39; movie about a mother-daughter relationship under some trying circumstances. u0026quot;A Light Beneath Their Feetu0026quot; is worth checking out!”


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