Available (2016)

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Available: Directed by Les Mahoney. With Maria Olsen, Yangzom Brauen, Leslie Eckl, Laura Lee. James Kane receives an unexpected invitation to attend Oktoberfest from an old girlfriend in Germany, and is soon plunged into the nightmare world of modern espionage where he must confront the demons of his past if he is to survive.

“Somehow, I missed the u0026#39;sceneu0026#39; if there was one, showing u0026#39;Controlu0026#39;. The name u0026#39;Controlu0026#39; is, of course a bit sly–alluding as it does to at least one former European thriller—Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy–films in a different league. Enjoy the authentic German and Czech actors and accents! Great opportunities to watch u0026#39;visual studiesu0026#39; of a man lost in thought and thinking really , really hard! Wonderful cityscapes!!!! Really! Cardboard thugs. Clever scene of killing a thug with his own gun! Even the weeds in the abandoned beer garden seem real! And those cobblestone streets! Wow! Quite modern in using screen shots of social media and as a way to reveal dialogue. Wonder how long that will last! A more apt title: u0026#39;Confused—and Confusingu0026#39;. Fun anyway.”


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