Baggage Red (2020)

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Baggage Red: Directed by Christiano Evans. With Alessandro Anglani, Simon Bass, Lucia Caporaso, Sabrina Carnevale. Two successful families are brought together through the marriage of Jack and Olivia. The happy couple move from London to Sorrento, and there they begin a picturesque new life together. But the paradise they seek begins to crumble as tensions lead them to dark temptations and addictions that rock the very foundations of their perfect lifestyle. Their lives slip out of control, as past family secrets are unearthed and brought back to life. Through this untrod and imperfect journey, they must come together and accept that their perfect lives will never be the same again.

“We enjoyed the movie, it has a unique story. refreshing for a indie film. We just enjoy films, not a critic or dream crusher. We liked it!”


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